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[lime] Backported error and exception handling from Lime 2. lime now displays warnings, notices and catchable exceptions (=exceptions thrown after the lime_test object is created) both when running single tests and when running test suites.
by bschussek on 9 Apr 2010
Running 38 tests
PASS [ 1/38] can_ok method[tests/phpt/lime_test/can_ok.phpt]
PASS [ 2/38] can_ok method that fails[tests/phpt/lime_test/can_ok_fails.phpt]
PASS [ 3/38] can_ok method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/can_ok_name.phpt]
PASS [ 4/38] cmp_ok method[tests/phpt/lime_test/cmp_ok.phpt]
PASS [ 5/38] cmp_ok method that fails[tests/phpt/lime_test/cmp_ok_fails.phpt]
PASS [ 6/38] cmp_ok method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/cmp_ok_name.phpt]
PASS [ 7/38] fail method[tests/phpt/lime_test/fail.phpt]
PASS [ 8/38] fail method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/fail_name.phpt]
PASS [ 9/38] include_ok method[tests/phpt/lime_test/include_ok.phpt]
PASS [10/38] include_ok method that fails[tests/phpt/lime_test/include_ok_fails.phpt]
PASS [11/38] include_ok method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/include_ok_name.phpt]
PASS [12/38] is method[tests/phpt/lime_test/is.phpt]
PASS [13/38] is_deeply method[tests/phpt/lime_test/is_deeply.phpt]
PASS [14/38] is_deeply method that fails[tests/phpt/lime_test/is_deeply_fails.phpt]
PASS [15/38] is_deeply method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/is_deeply_name.phpt]
PASS [16/38] is method that fails[tests/phpt/lime_test/is_fails.phpt]
PASS [17/38] is method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/is_name.phpt]
PASS [18/38] isa_ok method[tests/phpt/lime_test/isa_ok.phpt]
PASS [19/38] isa_ok method that fails[tests/phpt/lime_test/isa_ok_fails.phpt]
PASS [20/38] isa_ok method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/isa_ok_name.phpt]
PASS [21/38] isnt method[tests/phpt/lime_test/isnt.phpt]
PASS [22/38] isnt method that fails[tests/phpt/lime_test/isnt_fails.phpt]
PASS [23/38] isnt method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/isnt_name.phpt]
PASS [24/38] like method[tests/phpt/lime_test/like.phpt]
PASS [25/38] like method that fails[tests/phpt/lime_test/like_fails.phpt]
PASS [26/38] like method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/like_name.phpt]
PASS [27/38] ok method with default message[tests/phpt/lime_test/ok.phpt]
PASS [28/38] ok method that fails[tests/phpt/lime_test/ok_fails.phpt]
PASS [29/38] ok method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/ok_name.phpt]
PASS [30/38] pass method[tests/phpt/lime_test/pass.phpt]
PASS [31/38] pass method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/pass_name.phpt]
PASS [32/38] skip method[tests/phpt/lime_test/skip.phpt]
PASS [33/38] skip method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/skip_name.phpt]
PASS [34/38] todo method[tests/phpt/lime_test/todo.phpt]
PASS [35/38] todo method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/todo_name.phpt]
PASS [36/38] unlike method[tests/phpt/lime_test/unlike.phpt]
PASS [37/38] like method that fails[tests/phpt/lime_test/unlike_fails.phpt]
PASS [38/38] unlike method with test name[tests/phpt/lime_test/unlike_name.phpt]